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Privacy Policy

Supplementary information on use and disclosure personal data
The iie GmbH & Co. KG can be forced to your data and related information on judicial or administrative Arrangement disclosed. We also reserve the right to your Data to assert or defend against to use legal claims. In accordance with We reserve the applicable law are also the event-driven Storage and disclosure of personal and other Data to detect and combat illegal activities, Fraud or violations of Terms of iie GmbH & Co. KG before.

Secure communications on the Internet
In general, the Internet an unsafe medium. The complete data security can not be guaranteed are, so that we confidential information post recommended.

Right / modification and deletion of personal data
If you have any questions which this privacy statement could not answer or if you point to a require more detailed information, please feel free to us wenden.Sollten you with the storage of your personal data no longer agree or these have become incorrect, we are on your your instructions to within the legal Provisions the correction, blocking or deletion of your Data cause. You can request information on the personal information that we hold about you have. Given contact:

iie GmbH & Co. KG
83564 Soyen

Please understand that we need in information requests about your data stored by us proof of identity