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Korbinian Kreß

Dipl. Ingenieur (FH)
Precision engineering

Business Unit Leader
Computer Aided Works

Ekkehard Kreß
CEO & Owner

Dipl. Computer Scientist (FH)

Gertraud Kreß

Human Resources Manager

- Approx. 60 employees therefrom eight graduate engineers
(Electrical Engineering, Precision Engineering, Physics, Computer Science)

- stable growth

- Our expertise is power electronics, microcontroller, software and Precision

- The company has more than 30 years specializing in laser power supplies in the
medical sector as well as in the field of industry

- Business unit Computer Aided Works (CAW), supplier for worker guidance system since 2009


Change name and legal form of the company
into iie Gmbh & Co. KG
Startup of „Computer Aided Works“ (CAW)


Enlargement of the mechanical department


Setup of an in-house EMC laboratory


Certification in compliance with ISO 9001 and DIN EN 13485
Change name and legal form of the company
into „Gesellschaft für innovative Industrieelektronik mbH“


Company move from Wasserburg to Soyen


Company move from Munich to Wasserburg


Foundation of the company called
„Ingenieurbüro für Informatik und Elektronik iie“


Business registration Ekkehard Kreß, freelancer


- Electronic ballasts

- Power supplies with special requirements

- Laser equipment

- Measurement solutions

- Microcontroller and PC software

- Mechanical components

Ekkehard Kreß is the owner of a number of industrial property rights, covering present an future business of iie GmbH & Co. KG:

- 5 granted patents, issued in Germany and in different European and other countries

- 3 additional patents, solely filed and granted in Germany

- 3 registered German utility models

- 8 registered German and European patents