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Latest news and updates at iie GmbH & Co. KG

08.03.2023 - International Women's Day

International Women's Day

Why this day is celebrated? The trigger and introduction of a women's day was the fight for women's suffrage and equal rights on 1911-03-19. In 1921, International Women's Day was then moved to 08 March. In Berlin it has been a public holiday since 2019 and in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern it was introduced this year. We think today is a nice opportunity to give our female employees a little joy!

02.03.2023 - Internship

Internship at iie GbmH & Co. KG

This week, three students of the 9th grade are in the house to do a one-week internship. Our plant manager Johannes Kreß welcomed the students warmly and first gave them a tour of the plant. In addition to the offices, Mr. Kreß showed the three the development department, the software department, the mechanics and of course the production.
Hannes is interested in the profession of a metal-cutting mechanic and a mechatronics technician. He would like to use this week at iie GmbH & Co. KG to get to know the two professions better. The 2nd trainee we welcome this week, also named Hannes, is interested in the professions of electronic technician and IT specialist. Since iie GmbH is broadly positioned with its different departments, the interns have the opportunity to visit and get to know several areas during the week.
Our 3rd intern accompanying us this week is called Christian. He is interested in the profession of an electronics technician and uses the days with us to look around and exchange ideas in this professional field. We had great fun spending time with the students!


20.02.2023 - Thumbs up!

A summary about the Solution Conference 2023 in Osaka

The focus of the "Jisso Peripheral Automatic Equipment", where the PGMA workstation was also presented, was largely on the topic of assembly. The interest of the visitors was high and the event offered the exhibition crew the great opportunity to demonstrate the features of the workstation for manual assembly live!

The visitors came from Asia and Europe - our conclusion: the fair was a great success for the booth crew! Our thanks go to Reinhard Windemuth from Panasonic Connect Europe!

16.02.2023 - Solution Conference 2023 in Osaka

Smartfactory with the PGMA workstation

Our colleagues from our Computer Aided Works division will be presenting the PGMA workstation at the Panasonic in-house exhibition, together with our technology partner Panasonic Connect Europe. We will show the computer aided manual workstation Panasonic Guided Manual Assembly. PGMA is a manual THT manufacturing solution where the assembly force is supported during the assembly and testing of PCBs. Traceability, reduction of error rates in manual manufacturing and effective end-to-end material management are implemented with the PGMA workstation. PGMA stands for 0-defects and full traceability in any manual assembly.
Computer Aided Works is part of the PGMA workstation. Hardware components as well as software modules of the system are integrated.

Pictures of the Solution Conference of our colleagues on site:


02.02.2023 - We present -

Our mechanics department

Precise, fast and absolutely reliable is our mechanics department. With a 5-axis simultaneous machining center and an end-to-end CAD/CAM solution, our four colleagues from the mechanics department manage to manufacture even more efficiently. The team of four prepares and operates the CNC machine. Tasks such as drilling, grinding and milling are performed. A prerequisite is understanding the specifications of the task at hand and the desired result by reading plans and technical drawings. Welcome Murat & André, who recently joined the team. Thumbs up, dear colleagues, you are a top team and achieve great results!


26.01.2023 - Congratulations!

We have a new instructor in our rows!

We may congratulate our new instructor Manfred! He has successfully passed his exam to become a trainer (IHK certified). Thus he can train our IT specialists from now on.
We asked Manfred a little bit about the training. Have fun reading!

Are you IHK certified or who certified you?
Yes, I have been examined by the IHK.

Which professions are you allowed to train?

I have passed the instructor aptitude test. This is valid for every profession. However, in order to be able to train, you also need a completed vocational training and work experience in the field. So I am only allowed to train IT specialists.

How long did the "training as a trainer" take and how did the exam go?
I took the IHK preparation course full time. That was 4 days and two weeks, later another 2 days. The exam consisted of a written part with 80 questions and 3 hours of time and an oral part, which consisted of 15 minutes of re-enactment of a training situation and 15 minutes of questions.

Would you recommend the training to others?
I definitely learned some new important things. You always have to take this exam if you want to become a master or train. For someone who wants to do something like this I can only recommend it.

Dear Manfred, the whole team congratulates you on passing the exam and we wish you lots of fun in training!

19.12.2022 - Merry Christmas from Soyen

The entire team of iie GmbH & Co. KG would like to thank you very much for the trust placed in us last year.
We wish you, your colleagues and your loved ones that Christmas will truly be a celebration of peace and love.
May you find time for rest and relaxation, as well as a relaxed start to the coming year with many fulfilling moments.
We would be very happy to welcome you again next year.

Your team of the iie GmbH & Co. KG

16.12.2022 - Christmas dinner in the traditional restaurant Brandmühle near Soyen

Being together in a cozy atmosphere

This year, the employees of iie GmbH & Co. KG with the Computer Aided Works business unit did not have to travel far for Christmas dinner. Just "three times over", as one colleague so well put it.

We celebrated this year's Christmas party at the traditional Brandmühle near Soyen. The restaurant is beautifully situated between meadows and forests. In the evening of our celebration, the whole landscape was covered in snow. It was a nice evening with very good food and a sugary singing performance of some employees. Traditionally, all the "new guys" sing a song at the Christmas party. This year it was a strong troop of singers. All those who were spared the last two years joined in. Great!

Thank you very much for your loyalty and great effort day after day!

27.10.2022 - We present -

Our department for purchasing

Always having the goods in the right quantity, at the right time, in the right place.
This is a major challenge facing the team members from purchasing. Very long delivery times and shortages of raw materials have been exacerbating the procurement of goods for almost two years.
Purchasing is the interface between our suppliers and our production. Communication and negotiation skills are needed by our colleagues on a daily basis. Thanks to their energy and patience, the smooth running of our operations is ensured - with an optimal price-performance ratio.

Many thanks to our colleagues in purchasing!

20.10.2022 - Forest walk

Indian Summer

During the last walk in the forest, we saw spider threads of canopy spiders sailing through the air. The name "Indian summer" is derived from these fine threads, which can be observed in the forest in autumn and can often be felt in the face. "Weiben" in Old High German was the term used to describe the knotting of the cobwebs. There is no fixed date, Indian summer refers to the period in the late year with a very stable weather situation, usually in September. This stable weather situation ensures a warm end of summer. This year, however, it was not so far with us until October, but we were all the more pleased about the warm rays of sunshine!

17.10.2022 - Company outing this year 2022

Convivial round at dinner & bowling

At our company outing this year, we went out to eat and go bowling. First we dined & drank well and then some of the colleagues went to the bowling alleys. When the ball was thrown, it was immediately clear who had already been bowling a time or two. But also the not so experienced players tried their luck with great fun. Clearing was played, the pawns on the left were especially happy to stay ; )

28.09.2022 - At the motek fair 2022

With our technology partner Panasonic Connect Europe and Opticon Sensoren GmbH at Motek fair in Stuttgart

Together with our technology partner Panasonic Connect Europe and Opticon Sensoren GmbH, our Computer Aided Works business unit would like to invite you to our booth in Stuttgart. Do you feel like trying out the system yourself? Then come and visit us!

We will show you the computer-assisted manual workstation PGMA - Panasonic Guided Manual Assembly. This is a manual THT manufacturing solution where the assembly force is supported during the assembly and testing of PCBs. Together with our technology partner Panasonic Connect we have developed the PGMA workstation. Traceability, as well as a reduction in error rates in manual production and effective, end-to-end material management are implemented with Panasonic Guided Manual Assembly. Slip into the role of an assembly worker with us! At the PGMA workstation, you can assemble boards independently, supported only by our factory guidance system.

Among other things, we will also introduce you to the possibility of attaching torque wrenches. The modules [scan], [p2l] and [joborder] are also in use at this workstation. For the last step of the value chain, our shipping workstation is available at the booth. Here, the assembly staff is supported with digital packing lists, weighing of the goods to be shipped and their documentation.

The latest scanner from Opticon Sensoren GmbH is also in live operation. It is an integral part of our worker management system. With our [scan] module, the team member can log on to the workstation via scanner or a device ID can be scanned.
Opticon will present live the digitization step, away from printed labels, to an intelligent and digital label control.
ESL labels and next-generation barcode and QR code scanners will be on display - maximum performance with maximum data security.

Visit us at the Motek trade fair and assemble on your own, supported only by our worker guidance system.
Mr. Reinhard Windemuth from Panasonic Connect Europe, Mr. Dominik Diener from Opticon Sensoren GmbH and Mr. Thomas Hütter from Computer Aided Works are looking forward to meeting you!

Hall 1; Booth 1917; 04.-07.October 2022; Motek Trade Fair in Stuttgart

20.09.2022 - We present -

Our stock department

The entire warehouse logistics is based on order and safety. Storage in a place that is free at the moment works in the small storage room of a craft company. But as soon as more employees are employed, clear rules have to be introduced. These rules define what is stored, in what quantity, and where. At the heart of warehouse logistics are clear structures for workflows.
We have excellent colleagues who take care of warehouse management in our company, thank you very much!

06.09.2022 - Start of training 2022


We are pleased to be able to accompany two new trainees on their way into professional life.
This year, we are training to become an electronics technician for devices and systems at iie GmbH & Co KG and an IT specialist for application development in the Computer Aided Works division. Mr. Johannes Kreß and Mr. Haindl welcomed the two team members. Both trainees were able to get to know the company and the various departments in advance through an internship.


22.08.2022 - We present -

Our Developer Team

The team of the development department consists of technicians, engineers and skilled workers.
The wide range of skills and knowledge of the employees results in exciting and diverse tasks for the team.
Microcontrollers are programmed, circuits are planned and boards are laid out, devices are designed, prototypes are built and tested. The good cooperation that is mastered here on a cross-thematic basis every day can only function within a strong team. The colleagues also regularly strengthen their team spirit in their private lives through leisure activities such as bowling, cycling or mountain tours. Keep it up, dear colleagues!

19.08.2022 - Hello Florian!

Hello Florian

Forian did an internship at iie GmbH & Co. KG., we asked him some questions about his days at our company. Have fun reading it!

You are currently doing an internship at iie GmbH & Co.KG, how do you like it so far?

I like it a lot, because it gives me a lot of new experiences and insights into working life.

How did you get the idea to do an internship with us / how did you hear about us?

Through a career information evening at my school.

You have now visited three different departments, purchasing, development and the IT department. Which department did you like best and why?

The IT department, because I find programming very interesting.

What challenges did you encounter?

The longer working hours, which I am not used to from school.

If you could choose one task, what would you like to work on longer?
I would work longer in the IT department to develop larger programs.

What is important to you about the company/department where you will do your apprenticeship?
A good working environment.

What do you take away from the internship and do you think the insight will make further decisions easier for you?

I'm taking a lot of experience about working life with me from the internship and I think it will make it easier for me to choose a career.

Thank you very much for the interview, Florian!

18.08.2022 - PGMA - Panasonic Guided Manual Assembly

The manual THT manufacturing solution developed with our technology partner Panasonic Connect Europe

Panasonic's Munich campus already has a fully automated SMT assembly line and a fully automated THT assembly line. Together with Computer Aided Works, a business unit of iie GmbH & Co. KG, a manual THT manufacturing solution is now being developed in addition. We present a video showing a computer-assisted manual workstation that gives specific placement instructions under software control. Traceability as well as a reduction in error rates in manual manufacturing and effective end-to-end material management - PGMA makes it possible!

More information in the video produced by Panasonic on our YouTube channel: YouTube - Computer Aided Works
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, Thomas Hütter, Business Unit Manager of Computer Aided Works is looking forward to your call or mail.
Phone: 08071 1034 200 or E-Mail:

12.08.2022 - 15.08. - a holiday in Bavaria

Have a nice weekend!

August 15 is a public holiday in 1704 municipalities in Bavaria and Saarland. Among our neighbors in Italy, Aug. 15 is considered one of the most important holidays, Ferragosto. Around this day, most Italians plan their vacations, almost all administrative and economic life comes to a standstill.
The iie GmbH & Co. KG does not say goodbye to the vacation, we just enjoy the long weekend!

04.08.2022 - We present

The good spirit of our company for the maintenance of outdoor facilities    

New boards on the chimney of the company, we have already reported about it recently, now also a new information board adorns our company driveway.
Our colleague Mr. Freundl takes excellent care of our outdoor facilities. So that the company grounds continue to look so well-kept! Away with the hedge! No, it doesn't have to be quite that much, but our colleague who takes care of the spacious outdoor area has a lot to do. Especially now in summer. From hedge trimming, weed pulling to lawn mowing, there's plenty to do! With a lot of drive and attention to detail, we have just the man here!

28.07.2022 - Internship with the business unit Computer Aided Works

Hello Kilian!

Kilian recently did a one-week internship in the IT department Computer Aided Works to get to know the profession of application developer better. We took the opportunity to ask him a few questions! Find out more
Thank you Kilian!